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Five Steps to Independence and Freedom


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Search for a Project or Contract opportunity by clicking on a Professional Group or Industry below.

Become an IproConnect Member so you can access contact information for as many Projects as you like. IproConnect Memberships are available at a low flat rate.

As an Independent Professional (Ipro) it’s up to you to contact clients or organisations directly and put yourself forward to fill the opportunity (see News & Resources).

If the Client wishes to secure your expertise you will engage with them formally, usually via a Contract for the Provision of Services. As an Independent Professional (Ipro) you commonly engage as a Sole Trader or under a Company, Partnership or Trust arrangement. Many Clients will propose their own Draft Contract, however IproConnect can help you draft and propose your own Contract (see News & Resources). Either way, once you sign the Contract you are then engaged to do the task.

Work, get paid, and build your reputation

Complete the Project under the terms and conditions of the agreed Contract. This is where you get to apply your skills and experience to provide a quality outcome for your Client. As an Independent Professional (Ipro) your reputation is based on the quality of the work you perform. As you complete the agreed services you will normally invoice your Client and then receive payment (see News & Resources).


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